Butterfly Breeze  LbNA # 47366 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2009
LocationFort Worth, TX
Planted ByThe TR Journey Team    
Found By FrostMaiden
Last Found Feb 28 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 12 2015

This journey starts at the Rose Gardens pavillion at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. You are in the right place if you stand at a wall and can see cascading steps and a fountain at the bottom.

Take the steps down to the fountain and follow the path that leads through a large gate to your right. The path goes to your right, but you will want to take 7 paces to your left to some stone steps. Follow the stones to the left. You will see a green bench on your right. Go past the bench and step over the water. You will see a stone gardener's building. Take the path behind this shed that runs parallel to the iron fence, head east or to your left. About 300 paces towards the fence perpendicular to the shed you will see a huge pecan tree. Next to this giant is a dead tree on its side. Go to where the tree on its side forks and search for Butterfly Fury in the split.

Good luck looking for our box. We hope you enjoy the Botanic Gardens and have lots of fun.