Wisdom of the Trees  LbNA # 4731

Placed DateJul 10 2003
LocationBethany, OK
Planted BySNU Geographer    
Found By JASTA 11
Last Found Jan 26 2011
Hike Distance?

Oh Canada, sang the lusty trapper as he laid out his traps. He knew that the Beaver's living in the bluff below would swim upstream and he might, just might, have a chance to snare them. Should he do so, he would travel south to sell them at Ole Jesse Chisholm's store.

Sitting on the river bank, he decided to figure out how to find his trap site easily. This is what he wrote in his journal.

The Trees in this 'ere grove be wise, for they avoided cutten when the lightenin wires swept by. Aboot 65 degrees from 'is trap stands a giant spire o'steel, anuder at 205. Across the path o' da lightenin' spires a wise ole cottonwood leaning to the risin o' the sun stands at 150.