Moose River: Lock & Dam  LbNA # 47227

Placed DateMay 1 2009
Location???, NY
Planted ByFoothills    
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To get directions to the lock and dam, use google maps (Beech Street Eagle Bay, NY 13331) and on the corner where Beech Street turns into National Foster Trail Spur is where the entrance to the trail is. Stay on the trail following the orangish-red snowmobile trail markers. As you near the end of the trail and enter the clearing viewing the dam, scan the landscape over to the right and look for a ? foot submerged surface stone. From the base of this stone walk approx. ? steps up (heading into the trees) the rock.Turn right and look between the two trees and you should see a stump. Look around the base of the stump and the fallen limbs around it to find the letterbox.

The Moose River consists of _______ branches .
a. seven
b. two
c. one
d. three

Using the information in the link provided, answer the question and use the number(s) in parentheses to fill in the missing infromation in the clue.