Erie Canal: Lock 20  LbNA # 47069

Placed DateMay 4 2009
Location???, NY
Planted ByFoothills    
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

After reaching the Lock parking lot, walk toward the end of the lot past the wooden pavilion. Then embark onto the paved path marked by two metal posts sticking up in the middle of the trail. On the left side of the path stop at the ? telephone pole. Walk toward the pole to the pine tree and then standing by the pine tree, across the ravine (ditch) you should see a cluster of trees just over the side of the ravine. The letterbox is hidden between the trunks of the cluster of trees.

The lock provides a ___________ lift.
a. 16 foot (1st)
b. 5 foot (7th)
c. 9 inch (10th)
d. 10 foot (3rd)

Using the information in the link provided, answer the question and use the number(s) in parentheses to fill in the missing infromation in the clue.