Placed DateMay 3 2009
LocationNILES, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Nov 19 2011
Hike Distance?

One of Michigan Nature Association's many sanctuaries. Visit www.michigannature.org for info. "Leave only footprints, take only photos." Short, easy hike. Lots of Michigan Natives to see, a wildflower guide might be handy to bring along. In summer, probably that pesky Native poison ivy and close to water - mosquito repellant recommended....
To get there - M-51, just North of Niles, (four miles North of blue water tower) West side of road. There is a sign for Michigan Nature Association and what looks like a driveway. The path leads right up to somebody's home, so PLEASE be respectful of their property...
CLUES: Just behind the sign you'll see a bench. Not part of the clues, just a nice view...
Keeping close to the treeline, follow the 2-track towards the house skirting their property. The beginning of the trail is marked with a blue sign. Follow the fenceline down the path and past a ramshackle shed. The path is barely discernable as it veers to the right, a blue diamond above to guide you. Keep following the path to a single file bridge over old Dowagiac Creek. Cross the bridge and continue on the path. Another blue diamond above, "Watch your head". The Dowagiac River is ahead for a nice view, but left is right to follow the clues. Just ahead, another blue diamond on a tree. Then "Watch your step" over a log and around some roots close to the water's edge. Shortly you will see another blue sign stating Sanctuary Boundary. About 5 paces beyond that on your right see a tree not quite fallen. At it's base you will find the letterbox.