Beaver's Bluff  LbNA # 4704 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 8 1999
LocationBethany, OK
Planted BySNU Geographer    
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Beaver's Bluff

UTM Zone 14 N 3931920 E 620860 or Lat./Long. 35° 31' 45" N 97° 40' W

STATUS NOTE: This box temporarilty MIA (missing)

This box is located on the east bank of the North Canadian River. When I first started birding, I saw a prothontonary warbler here. I had seen it in my field guide and thought, "With such an exotic name, I'll probably never see that one!" Alas, to date (8 Mar '99), its the only warbler I've ever seen and been able to identify in Stinchcomb. Anyhow, for the clues--

Atop the highest spot, amidst a grove of trees, beneath a piece of rubble, what might a compass savvy beaver see?

To the north along the river, I see an old white remnant of a cottonwood tree.
To the east, out in the distance stand several pinkish ballpark buildings.
To the south, the little path seems less taken as it goes on down the river.
A small path diverges from the main trail about 23 meters and 72° from the beaver bluff
box vantage. There is a large evergreen along the main trail at 60°. A cross lies about 280 meters and 90° from here.