The Letterbox in the Letterbox  LbNA # 4700

Placed DateJul 10 2003
Location???, MY
Found By ???
Last Found May 6 2005
Hike Distance?

*** Note *** After 28 postal addresses and 17 states, and nearly two years in the mail, this box has been temporarily retired. I may releast it again. Thanks to all who participated in this box!

Here's a bow to legerdemaine who (we believe) created the first postal letterbox. Thanks for being an inspiriation!

This is a box you cannot find,
For there are no written clues.
Through the postal mail it flies,
Where it lands is up to you.

There is no order to the list,
So I guess you'll have to wait.
Therein lies the mystery
Don't hold your breath, it might come late.

But here's the catch, we're watching you!
Don't lose the box - or we all lose!
Just stamp inside, and mail it away,
You'll make some other boxer's day!