Take a long, cool drink...  LbNA # 46878

Placed DateApr 24 2009
LocationAiken, SC
Planted ByBugzmom    
Found By WeBeeTogether
Last Found Dec 28 2011
Hike Distance?

A local legend says that if you drank from the water at Coker Spring, you'll always want to return to Aiken. (We're not sure if the water is drinkable any longer, though...) Coker Spring was along the stagecoach route that went through Aiken. As the town grew it provided water for the people and horses of the area. It was a popular site for picnics, and a gathering place for washerwomen.

To find this letterbox, you'll need Whiskey to find the water...
From Whiskey Road, go west on Coker Spring Road. Within .2 miles you will see something that looks like a small cement building on your left.

Walk up to the right side of the building. Walk between the cement curb and the stone-like steps. Cross behind the monument and look behind the second step from the top. You should find the letterbox under a hunk of cement!

Thanks for visiting this little-seen part of Aiken, and hope that it helped you imagine the town the way it might have been 150 years ago.