The Aurora  LbNA # 46841

Placed DateApr 25 2009
LocationRedmond, OR
Planted ByEldridgeTribe    
Found By Calli-K
Last Found Jun 2 2009
Hike Distance?

Part of a series of 8 letterboxes in Redmond’s Dry Canyon.

Here’s the story behind these letterboxes. Grandma W turned 70 years young this year and we thought we would give her an unconventional present. ‘Ya see, she lives above the Dry Canyon and really, really enjoys watching people in the canyon ….families walking….folks bike riding….people birding…..runners sweating….an occasional horseback rider… we thought we’d do our part in encouraging some more people into the canyon to look for some more letterboxes. These 8 letterboxes represent Grandma (and Grandpa) W.’s grandkids (who all like to letterbox too!). Aurora is the seventh grandchild (only because she got elbowed out of the way). She drops whatever she’s doing when she sees a rainbow in the sky.

To get to the Dry Canyon in Redmond, take HWY 97 North and turn left onto Pershall at the flashing yellow light. Drive down into the canyon and turn left at the sign for the trail head. It will point you to the water treatment facility and to the parking lot for the canyon trail.

When you’re 6 years old, playing at the park is one of your favorite activities. But you might choose to wander into the canyon (with an adult of course!). Maybe take the dirt trail to your left and head towards the car sounds. So much fun to run up and down the two big dips in the trail. Stop on the second one and look up…wait was that an eagle in the sky? Lots of fun bird watching here in the canyon. But let’s not get distracted…you know how 6 year olds are…. Keep looking up though and see if you can spy a rocky pillar pointing skyward. Do you notice a large boulder between here and there? Doesn’t that look like a good hiding place? Check it out…carefully now…two rocks hide the treasure…..make sure to hide it back again just as well…if not better…now what else to do….hmmmmm…

Central Oregon is a mecca for all kinds of critters. Please be VERY careful when letterboxing in this area and be sure to read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer. Please be sure to reseal baggies and containers and re-hide boxes in their original location, completely hidden from view so that more people can share in the joy of finding them! Thanks so much!