Hilcrest  LbNA # 46654

Placed DateApr 15 2009
LocationReadington, NJ
Planted Bybasketballgirl    
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At Hilcrest Park, there should be a small playground. Park in the parkinglot in front. To your left is a HUGE pile of logs, branches, etc. The letterbox is hid somewhere in there, tucked behind some branches. The whole challenge of this box is to find it in the pile. (You will not need to move branches to get to it, so if you find it, kindly do not put it where someone would need to lift sticks.)For the first person that gets to it, there is a stuffed stingray that I would like put in the next letterbox you find. There are instructions attatched. Just slip it in, and email me what park and letterbox you put it in at isabelleelanore@yahoo.com. If letterbox is found, please email me @ isabelleelanore@yahoo.com. Have fun!

Recommended: Waterproof shoes if it is a wet day.

long pants and sleeves if it is warm and bugs and ticks are likely to be out.

A hat or sunglasses. (on bright days, the sun can really be a pain in the neck)

A prize to switch with the one in the letterbox.

A camera to photograph the box in case it is damaged. (email the pic to me Please so I can replace it)