Woman of Woe-Co-Con  LbNA # 46559

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateApr 9 2009
Location???, NC
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 21 2011
Hike Distance?

The spirit has been there a long time in Woe-Co-Con - even longer than before the ancestors went legitimate after Ed forgot to cut in the neighboring chiefs to the south. Some say she is a woman who died while fishing. Others say that she is the hand of death herself. Either way, she lingers, here near the fifth tidal inlet to the south. When the moon is full, she sometimes leaves her canoe and follows the road into the village, but only briefly. When she reaches the area on the south side of the road where vehicles now occasionally stop, she slips behind the tree line and moves to the left back toward the inlet, only to rise upward to the right to look for fire wood behind a large pine tree before drifting off to sleep snug in a bed of pine needles.

To be continued . . . ?