New Improved! Brush Creek   LbNA # 46246

OwnerDrunken Sailer    
Placed DateMar 27 2009
CountyVan Buren
LocationBrush creek nature trail, Lawrence, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Oct 8 2011
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedJul 17 2016

The village of Lawrence is a pleasant place, you really ought to visit. It is located just off I-94 at exit 52 It has a restaurant and some lovely shops, it's certainly worth a stop.
Our letter box is located on a little known hiking trail called the brush creek nature trail. It was built and is maintained by the van buren intermediate school district, but is open to the public after school hours.
To find this hidden treasure travel north from the highway less than a mile, or south from the only stop light in town. Look for a street named after a direction. This particular direction represents the streets orientation from the railroad track. Drive east on this street until you come to a T. Now turn toward the dead end . Lean to the left and seek the one way sign. Follow the direction of said sign until you reach a place to park.
Now you must disembark and ride shank's mare past rows of student transportation to a gem where a game of ball is played. From this vantage point, ogle your orbs over the grassy expanse to the edge of the forest, where you may perceive a mysterious wooden structure. You simply must investigate the wooden wonder, and when you reach it, you will understand the path you must follow.
You'll trek uphill and down twisting left and right, until you discover a place to rest your weary soul. Sit a spell and enjoy the ever peaceful brush creek wandering by. Notice too, the muscle wood trees nearby. Forge on ahead now, when you are rested. You'll go over a culvert that makes a small bump, and then a small bridge without any hump.
Soon you will reach the end of the dirt path, and planks will make your journey smoother. Before you embark on this easier leg, sit and enjoy the benches. While you are soaking up the beauty of nature, You may be reminded that “Jebus loves you!” And he will lead you to the treasure you seek.
Look high and look low, and look all around. The box you are seeking is near the ground. Often you hear of roots in your plumbing, but have you heard of plumbing in your roots? Perhaps this oddity you will soon see, as you explore around nearby tree's .
Once you have found it and stamped on the scroll, it will be time to continue your stroll. Follow the boards around crook and bend, follow it faithfully, right to the end. Next you will come to a ribbon of gray, and it will take you the rest of the way. Now hang a right and head over the green, and soon you will find, your car can be seen.
Happy hunting! Please bring your own ink.