Brush Creek UPDATED 2014  LbNA # 46246

OwnerDrunken Sailer    
Placed DateMar 27 2009
CountyVan Buren
LocationLawrence, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Oct 8 2011
Hike Distance?

The village of Lawrence is a pleasant place, you really ought to visit. It is located just off I-94 at exit 52
It has a restaurant and some lovely shops, it's certainly worth a stop.
Our letter box is located on a little known hiking trail called the brush creek nature trail. It was built and is maintained by the van buren intermediate school district, but is open to the public after school hours.
To find this hidden treasure travel north from the highway less than a mile, or south from the only stop light in town. Turn into the van buren technical center/learning center. Bypass the credit union and head deeper into the complex.
If your name is Bert, You will be Goin to the learning center on the right. Everyone else will need to continue further back. Lean to the right to miss the tech center building, then squeeze between the brown and green. You will need to abandon your conveyance here, and set off on shanks mare searching for a bare bower. Let the ribbon of gray show you the way to the vertical wishing of peace.
Now you will have to walk the plank(s) until you may find a place to rest your feet. Press on forward around the question mark curve and soon you will see a tree hugger's delight.
Keep on truckin' till you run out of road. Then take a moment to lighten the load. Proceed from here at a leisurely pace,carefully watching for the hiding place. From now henceforth the trek is on dirt it winds on through the tree's.
A raggedy stump hides what you seek, it's kissing the path on it's left cheek. Stump on the left, it's tree on the right, but lots of downed trees within your sight.
Now if you should come to a lonely bridge, you'll know you've gone by it, by more than a smidge.
If you are tired by now you may return as you came, or you can continue to the end of the line. Once you step out into sunshine, you will need to walk through green blades till you find a diamond, pass rows of child transporters and by now you will see your flivver in the distance.
Happy hunting!!