"Lord of the Dinosaurs"  LbNA # 46237

Placed DateMar 20 2009
LocationGlenrose, TX
Planted ByThe TR Journey Team    
Found By FrostMaiden
Last Found Jan 24 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the first letterbox that we placed as a family. It is a little challenging because you will have to cross the river to get to it but it's not very far up the trail after crossing the water. You will want to wear comfortable shoes that you can cross some shallow water in. There are rocks to walk on as you cross, but sometimes you will get wet anyway.

To begin, you want to go to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, Texas. If you need directions to the park look up the state website and find entrance fees and directions before you head out. It is a great park and a lot of fun to visit just for the dinosaur tracks. There is also a new facility just before you get to the state park that has 100 life-sized dinosaur models. There is a fee for this park, called "Dinosaur World", also.

So, after you enter the park you will come to a stop sign just beyond the front gate.

Take a right turn towards the camping grounds. Then take the first right and turn into the small paved parking lot that is on your right.

There is a trailhead at the back of this lot and a sign labeled "Cedar Brake Trail". Follow this trail straight to the river. (There will be paths to the left and right but just go straight to the river where the rock wall leads you down.)

This is when you will cross over the river.

As you reach the river you will see large boulders on the far side of the river. There is a trail just to the left side of these boulders. Take that trail up into the woods.

You will see white trail markers on the trees as you hike. You will pass about 6 of these markers before you reach marker "A".

Follow the trail to the right about 55 steps until the trail graduates into a steeper incline with a bit of an open area.

From this point turn to your right and take about 24 steps off of the path towards a sprawling cedar tree.

Our box is sitting in the base of this tree off the ground. We tried to cover it with limbs and rocks to hide it and keep it in place.

We hope you have fun searching for our box and get to spend some time discovering dinosaur tracks as well.

As a prize for the first to find our box, our children have placed a small note and a little gift for the lucky first. Just make sure you keep the right one and don't take the stamp that belongs to the box. :)

Have fun and be safe. God Bless!