Caasi  LbNA # 46123

Placed DateMar 18 2009
LocationSeattle, WA
Planted ByKapka    
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Start at the NW corner of 50th and Fremont in front of the South Entrance of the Woodland Park Zoo.

Face W and follow the curving sidewalk.

At the end of this sidewalk there will be a large rock on your left and the zoo parking lot on your right.

Continue walking W through the zoo parking lot.

At the end of the parking lot continue up the gently sloping hill.

Walk across the grassy area, veering gently to the right until you reach a small service road.

Follow the service road West.

You will quickly reach a point where the service road turns into a gravel path heading W and joins up with another service road heading North.

Turn right. You will be walking toward the zoo.

On your right will be two antique cannons.

Walk until you reach the first cannon.

Turn and face the cannon.

Look in the hole under the barrel. There you should see it.