African Dark Jungle Discovery  LbNA # 46024

Placed DateMar 20 2009
CountyFond du Lac
LocationFond du Lac, WI
Planted ByPowerHaus    
Found By CamperDave/SportBeckie
Last Found Nov 8 2016
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This is a fun fictional story.
The names of the characters in this fictional story have been changed to protect the actual people that this did not happen to.

Several Years ago my reserve artillery unit was doing our summer training in the Congo. Despite the war in Iraq, the Marine Corps feels that we should be ready for a fight anytime and anywhere, thus the jungle training at 130% humidity. As a Forward Observer my job is to direct the firing and make sure that the rounds are landing on target, this generally puts me and a few other Marines in a secluded area from which we have a good view. The best we were able to do was a cliff with a scenic waterfall 300 yards to the west and a good view of the impact area only 1500 yards south southwest.
It was at the waterfall that we made the discovery of a century. Caught up in some of the driftwood that had collected near the top of the waterfall we found a partially submerged canoe made with some strange kind of leather. Lance Corporal Cook and I hauled the boat out of the water and dumped the contents out onto the ground. Two skeletons came tumbling out along with a half rotten spear, some disintegrating sticks that were straight enough to have been arrows, and a big pile of decaying sludge. Within the sludge we found a couple of organic pouches, one almost completely rotten away and the other with only a few holes eaten through it. It was in one of these pouches that had been left in a canoe, and that had floated down the river from some of the deepest parts of African jungle that we made the discovery of a lifetime.
Unfortunately we were in the Congo for military training and the military would have received the credit for our discovery, if we were to have made it known to the world. So we came up with a plan to return to the Congo several years later under the guise of an African hunting trip, with the intention of making our “incredible discovery” while we were there. As it would so happen life does go on and the few of us who once planned on riches, fame, and adventure have begun to mellow out a bit. As an expecting father my wife would kill me if I announced my intentions to run off the heart of Africa to face what dangers I now know may be there, and the rest of our group shares somewhat similar stories or excuses. Worried about the ridicule and public opinion of having kept such a secret for so long, just so that we could claim fame, we finally decided to keep our discovery as our own private trophies.
As secrets go though, some are simply itching to be told and weigh on your conscience like a fifty pound weight. So I’ve decided to make my discovery known through one of my hobbies in a way that will not be traced back to me. Find the letterbox that I have hidden and it will tell you about the discovery we made near the heart of Africa.

• Travel down US - 41 in Wisconsin and take Exit 99 Hwy 23/Johnson St. East into Fond du Lac.
• After crossing a bridge there will be two sets of stoplights, turn left at the second set of stoplights onto Main St.
• Continue down main until you pass the sign for Lakeside Park. Turn right just before the locomotive onto Harbor View Dr.
• The first parking lot that you will pass on the left is for boaters only, enter the second parking lot on the left and park here.
• Between the road and the parking lot is a paved trail, follow this paved trail south southeast
• This trail will wind along past Park Ave and Mohawk Ave, after Mohawk Ave the trail will come to a “Y”. At the “Y” you should see a playground spread out before you.
• From the “Y” face west and you will notice a metal light pole approximately 20 paces away (Paces counted on every left foot, i.e. right, left = 1). Approach this pole and face toward the lighthouse toward the north.
• While standing on the right side of the pole you should be able to see the lighthouse through a close cluster of trees, while standing on the left side of the pole your view of the lighthouse will be blocked by the tree that contains the letterbox hidden inside it.