Angry Little Girls  LbNA # 45950

Placed DateMar 14 2009
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By 2hearts1
Last Found Mar 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Do you know what it's like to be an Angry Little Girl? I sure do! These 5 girls are wonderful. A comic strip created by Lela Lee, they are not afraid to say what is on their mind. No matter WHAT that might be. check them out at
I own A LOT of the merchandise that is for sale. If you ever run into me just ask to see my purse :)

Park at the Main parking lot on Willamette for Spencer's Butte
WARNING - the first 4 boxes do not have logbooks and are in SMALL (1.5 inch x 2.5 inch) camo baggies, not boxes.

FRESH WANDA- The Fresh little soul sistah. We all need a frind who is well-adjusted and positive. (Secretly we hate people like her)
Follow the trail up
At the marked intersection go right. If you did your homework you will pass a lost letterboxer.
Walk down the trail and stop as you go under the mossy bridge.
Count 25 steps
There is a mossy stump on the right that is very close to a tree standing tall. Look in the cubby at the base of this stump.

CRAZY MARIA - The crazy little latina. She's quite loopy. SHe doesn't look at the world, she looks inside it! She is one super kooky kid.
Back on the main trail, follow until you notice a flat smmoth orange colored rock in the path. Look in the bottom most cubby hole behind the fern at the base of the tree directly across the path from this rock.

GLOOMY XYLA - So full of doom and gloom. It's like a dark cloud of rain follows her.
Down the trail you will have to jump across the ravine. Keep your eyes open for a giant mossy leaner. Look in it's base for Xyla hiding from the rain.

DISENCHANTED DEBORAH - The disenchanted princess. She's a girl who has it all - beauty, money, cute clothes, great hair - but she is never happy. Sigh....
Continue on down the trail. Take 55 steps past the tree that is sticking it's tongue out at you. Look in the tiny cubby at the base of the large tree on your left.

ANGRY KIM - the angry little asian girl wholds true to her moniker. She is one short-tempered little girl! Grrrr..
After the hairpin turn to the left look on the righ side of the sawed log on the left.

We hope you enjoy the unique bunch of girls. We highly recommend checking out their books. They will keep you laughng for quite awhile!

Happy boxing!!