Snowshoe Airport  LbNA # 45915

Placed DateMar 12 2009
LocationSnowshoe, WV
Planted Bymikeroscope    
Found By talbottwv
Last Found Nov 15 2016
Hike Distance?

Snowshoe legend has it that long ago a greedy business man wanted to tear off a mountain top for coal, but the government wouldn't let him. So he told them he wanted to build an airport for his ski resort on top of the mountain. He got his permission and dug up all the coal, then decided he didn't want to build an airport. Still to this day there is a massive bare spot on the mountain to the north of Snowshoe that is jokingly called "The Airport".

At the intersection of Silver Creek and Snowshoe Dr. There is a trail on the North side of the intersection named "Airport Runway". You can park here on the side of the road or at Snow Creek, the ski barn next door.

Walk up the "Airport Runway" trail for about a mile. When you come to the barbecue take a left up the steep path. Right before the trail goes into the woods take ten paces (2 steps) along the tree line to the right to a small pine tree. At that tree turn left and take 3 paces towards a fallen tree with a small pine tree growing beside it. Beneath the pine tree under rocks, sticks, bark and leaves is the Snowshoe Airport box!

This is a hybrid letterbox/geocache so feel free to take a prize and leave one behind.