Daisy the Cow’s Adventure with the Bunnies (3)  LbNA # 45754

Placed DateFeb 22 2009
LocationBremerton, WA
Planted BySpiderseekers    
Found By Domino Rex
Last Found Aug 16 2012
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Daisy the Cow’s Adventure with the Bunnies (3)

Daisy the cow lived at a wonderful dairy. She was so pleasant and was the best producer of milk that she was called Queen Daisy and all the animals were happy to cater to her every whim.

One day Daisy wanted to go on an adventure, so she phoned Yak’s place. Yak was her neighbor, who said he’d love to go for a ride.

Next Daisy rounded up the bunnies. “Will you drive the truck?” she asked Puffytail.

“Drive?” said Puffytail excitedly. “Shore wood drive!”

They all climbed into the dairy’s red Chevy pickup truck. Yak and Daisy sat in the truck bed and munched on hay, while the bunnies bounced and hopped around in the cab, excited about this day’s adventure. From the dairy, Queen Daisy told Puffytail to turn left onto the little country road, and off they went.

Daisy enjoyed the cozy houses and cottages that lined the little 20mph road, and the bunnies were very expedient as they clutched and shifted gears.

All of a sudden, when they reached a madrona, there was a terrible ruckus as the bunnies shrieked, “Dead end! Dead end!”

“Calm down, Puffytail,” said Daisy soothingly, “and just keep going.” After a bunch of wiggling of pink noses, on they went past the madrona.

A very short time later there was another terrible ruckus as the bunnies shrieked, “Dead end! Dead end!”

So once again Daisy calmed them down and tried to keep them on their course straight ahead. But the bunnies were immediately sidetracked by a checkerboard on the left-hand side of the road. “Let’s get out and play a game of checkers,” said the bunnies, and Yak wanted to stop, too. But Daisy wanted to get on with the adventure, and so they continued down the lane, but with a sullen Yak and some miffed bunnies.

Everything was fine before long, however, because they had reached their destination. It was a park with a teeny, tiny parking area that had a solitary picnic table to sit at. They all clamored out of the pickup with the hay and bunny nibble and set out their lunch on the picnic table. Daisy noticed that there were no restrooms to wash up. Fortunately she had brought along her baby wipes!

After they had had their fill of vittles, they decided to take a stroll down the paved path that went behind the picnic table parallel to the shoreline. It was a nice path for the cow, yak, and bunnies, and occasionally there were people walking dogs, jogging, and riding bikes.

A little way down the path on the left, they came to a rusty, metal slide that got the bunnies all excited. They hopped up to the top of the long, brown pipeline and slid all the way back down to the path. After about 30 minutes of this, the bunnies were exhausted and decided to continue hopping along the path. The white bunnies looked funny with brown bottoms, which made Daisy and Yak laugh.

Eventually they noticed a cement bunny hutch on the right. They all tried to find an entrance into it, but it was not open. Just next to the hutch was the oddest thing – a Bridge to Nowhere! The Unknown Terf!

The bunnies had a blast running along the bridge and jumping off it into piles of leaves. Daisy left Yak and went down below the bridge to investigate The Unknown Terf.

All of a sudden, she was enveloped in an aura of blue light that radiated in every direction. She couldn’t see the bunnies or Yak anymore. What was happening?

Across the water’s surface and flying into the air came a seahorse – or what seemed to be a seahorse. It had a long, pointed horn at the front of its head.

“Wha- what are you?” asked Daisy in bewilderment. “Who are you?”

The seahorse smiled a gentle smile and said, “I am a unicorse, Daisy: A seahorse with a unicorn’s horn and magical powers. I have a secret I wish to share with you.”

And the unicorse began to speak in a language Daisy had never heard before, but she understood every word. He told her that he was the spirit of a royal unicorse who had been locked away after being banished from his sea kingdom. He beseeched Daisy to find him so he could return to his home.

Just as suddenly as it began, it was over. Daisy returned to her normal self, the blue haze was gone, and there was no “unicorse.” She shook her head rapidly from side to side to wake herself up as if from a dream. She didn’t know what had been in that hay she’d been eating, but it sure had done a number on her. She remembered the unicorse and she knew she had a mission to find him, but it was imperative that she first protect herself and the bunnies. She returned to the rest of the group, feeling a sense of urgency. She didn’t know why, but she knew they had to hide.

“Let’s go guys,” she yelled to the bunnies and Yak. “The bunnies and I have to find someplace safe to hide,” she said to Yak. “You take the truck home, Yak, and wait for me to call you.” (Of course Daisy always carried her cell phone with her.) So Yak headed directly back to the truck.

Daisy desperately needed to hide. She looked around the path in both directions to make sure no one was watching. (Daisy knew that bikers and joggers came from two different entrances.)

She turned to face the path and, standing on the left side of the Bridge to Nowhere, walked directly across the path to the other side. She turned to her left and walked 4 paces.

She turned to her right, walked 4 paces up a slight incline, and jumped into her hiding place in the front of a cluster of ferns about 4 feet in front of a tree. From there she whispered to Puffytail and the bunnies, “Go find a good hiding place that’s not too far away from me.”

To find Daisy (This is a store-bought stamp):
Check to be sure no one is watching and reach into that cluster of ferns (preferably with a gloved hand).

Next, you need to find Puffytail and the bunnies. Go to Part 1b of this adventure.

BTW: Daisy has not forgotten about the unicorse. She knows he will have to be found so he can be released from his dark prison, and she’ll need your help to find him in Part 2 of this adventure.

Puffytail and the bunnies knew they had to go hide. So from the Bridge to Nowhere they turned back in the direction of the picnic table, all the time seeking a good place. From the bridge they went 252 hops, where they found a good hiding spot on the left. (Just for reference: At about 170 hops, they had reached a raised bunker on the left-hand side of the path, but there was nowhere to hide.)

They checked in both directions to make sure no one was watching.

The hiding place was in a group of 3 trees that had a cluster of ferns nestled directly in front of them, with a solitary fern growing a little ways forward to the right of them.

To find the bunnies (This is a store-bought stamp):
Use a glove to reach in the middle of the ferns at the base of the trees.

A Final Word:
The bunnies don’t know about Daisy’s quest to find and release the unicorse, but you do.
So go to the next part and find him! Please help him return home!

Daisy needs your help to return the unicorse to his home under the sea.

To do this, go back to the teeny, tiny parking lot and take the path that goes up the hill behind it.

You will come to a path on your left. From here, go 65 paces. On the left will be a long, fallen, mossy tree lying perpendicular to the path.

Watch for passersby (they come and go so quickly in this mysterious place), then climb up along the left side of this mossy tree until you reach a decaying tree stump.

To find the unicorse (This is a hand-carved stamp):
Go around the back of the stump, and with a gloved hand, reach in the hollow and lift the hidden lid off the unicorse.

You have accomplished Daisy’s mission! You have freed the unicorse, and he has magically returned to his sea kingdom! Congratulations!