The Oyster and the Pearl  LbNA # 45728

Placed DateFeb 22 2009
LocationBremerton, WA
Planted BySpiderseekers    
Found By Team Burt
Last Found Jun 19 2013
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The Oyster and the Pearl

“Happiness held is the seed in the oyster; happiness shared is the pearl.”

Find the Bremerton park that hosts the F-8 Crusader.

In front of the Crusader, walk along the fence toward the highway.
You will pass a walkway on the left that leads to a covered picnic area; continue until you come to a park service road entrance. Stop and turn to face your right. You will see a split-rail wood fence.

Cross the road CAREFULLY and go around the fence.
Walk down into the clearing until you are told “No Overnight Parking.”

Turn to your right and walk until you come to a long, fallen log.
On the other side of the log, to the right, you will see a large rock and some concrete ruins.
Climb over the log at a safe place near these ruins.

You will notice that there are 4 fallen concrete pillars lying parallel to the log. Just past the 4th one is a pillar that runs perpendicular to the others. At the left end of this pillar, you will find the oyster’s hiding place. (Use gloves to search for it.)

The oyster is keeping the pearl safe just waiting to share a bit of happiness with you.