a horses tale  LbNA # 45602

Placed DateFeb 15 2009
Location???, NC
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Coming from the north start south on 158
hurry now and don't be late...
coming from the south cross the bridge into the county
harbinger is where you'll find 3...
turn on edgewater beside the gas station
seekers will find if they are patient...
merge to the right on harbinger ridge
where you will see houses, trees, and maybe kids...
stay straight on this curvy road
but don't go to fast stay slow...
on your left theres a little dirt trail
bean landing is the name of this tail..
pass the horses stable and lots of little barns
not too much further your getting warm...
at the end of the fence is where you'll park
get out of your car and beside it you'll walk...
starting from the fence walk 90 to 100 feet
now watch your step as you find what you seek...
as you stand theres a tree with a hole in its trunk
in it is a box full of junk...
Now? are you ready for the stamp-ede
be careful whos watching the horses might see...
Now this is the end of your journey times 3!!!