flitting along #5  LbNA # 45595 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 11 2009
LocationFranklin, TN
Planted ByDragonfly Wing    
Found By beastwith5hands
Last Found Jul 29 2009
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flitting along #5

Flitting Along #5
This is not a box that you can log fast; give yourself a little extra time. In addition, you might want to take some extra color stamp pads and ENJOY!

From the city of Music go I65 South; exit west where the Springs are Cool. Turn right at the Grove of this Colorado tree and right in the Grove Park of this same Colorado tree.
After parking turn and face the Park. There are two trails, one left, and one right. There is a pavilion for picnics on your left. Go around the pavilion toward the playground. Once you pass the playground the trail splits, go straight toward the white fence.
Stay on the trail and you will see a metal bridge. A little farther, after you cross the bridge on the left you will see a huge hole, or pit in the ground that is full of fallen trees. If you turn facing it there are two trunks coming up out of the pit. Flitting along #5 is under the tree farthest to the right next to the side of wall. Be careful! It is a little hard to get to and the ground is not solid because of mole holes.
Look around to see that nobody is around as this is a heavily used trail. Please move away from the hole to log. There are several benches further along the path that are nice places rest and to log.
Be careful that no one sees you when you re-hide it. Thank you for covering it back as you got it.
Aspen Grove is beautiful and well maintained. Walk around the trail a couple of times and enjoy the beauty, watch the birds, or sit for a while!
To exit you can go back the way you came or continue around the trail, it will also take you to the parking area. If you stay on the trail one complete round, it is a little more than ½ mile.
There are six boxes in this series with each stamp hand carved from three different mediums the last two being “special surprise” stamps.
This box has a "First Finders Award" as will flitting along #6.
Happy Boxing!
P.S. Check out "The Adventurous Fun Team" on the LBNA web site.