Sandown Depot Station  LbNA # 45208

Placed DateJan 8 2009
LocationSandown, NH
Planted ByCarliD    
Found By NH Oakley Girls
Last Found Aug 3 2011
Hike Distance?

1 Depot Road Sandown New Hampshire

1. Start at the beginning of the small white fence
2. Take six steps forward
3. Stop, and turn to your left
4. Take two steps forward
5. Crouch down and look under the cart

There in the middle is the letterbox!
(It's pink you can't miss it!) :)

The Sandown Depot Station was built on the Worcester, Nashua, Portland Line in 1873. The line handled the largest amount of freight traffic of any single line track in the country. During its most active period, Sandown saw 18 freight and 6 passenger trains everyday. The famous "Bar Harbor Express" passed through Sandown sometimes carrying the Roosevelts and Rockefellers to their summer home.
The station was very well kept and attractive with pots of flowers filled with bright colors to make it seem more welcome for the visitors or just by passers. In 1908 the railroad planted several hundred trees to create the town's first public park. In 1889 when President Benjamin Harrison made a whistle stop visit, the town women made him a flag measuring 30 x 50 feet.
Other than being a mean source of transportation for people, the railroad also was used for shipping. The railroad was also used to ship things like lumber, milk, wooden tubs and pails, barrels of molasses, shoes, crates of dishes, animals, coal and household supplies.
For a long time it was used as a main means of travel, but because invention of cars and trucks and the cost of maintaining the road bed, the trains were discontinued in 1933 and the tracks removed in 1935.