SAlems Old High School  LbNA # 45192 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 8 2009
LocationSalem, NH
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History:The Salem public School district dates back over 200 years ago to 1798 when the town of Salem built their first public school house in Salem, NH. The School house was the only School for many towns around and children from all over came to learn and study there. Nearly 30 years after the completion of the first Salem School House in 1825 the Salem school district of Salem, NH was established. Though they had the salem school district no more schools were constructed until the late 1950’s and 60’s to accommodate the growing population. The names and dates of the completed construction of the current schools in the Salem, NH school district are, The Barron in 1967, the Fisk in 1957, the Haigh in 1954, Lancaster 1967, North Salem 1967, and Soule in 1962 these are the elementary schools currently in the Salem school district today all of these school besides the Lancaster and North Salem have undergone at least one expansion since there completion. After many years of thought and need for a secondary school the Woodbury High school was founded in 1925 as Salem, NH’s first high school. The school was renovated five times the last of these expansions took place in1995. With all of the renovations put into the school its capacity turned out at a decent 1200. The Woodbury became the Woodbury Middle School when in 1966 the Salem High was completed making the school the second High School in Salem NH. Since then both of the School have undergone major expansion to deal with the rising Population of the town. The Woodbury School has received the Presidents award for excellence in Education, which is given to schools who excel in the offering of academic and extra curricular activities.

Location: Salem, NH

Directions: Find the old High School on Main Street in Salem.

Trail: Park in the Front parking lot and walk towards the buildings on the right side coming in. walk until you get to another patch of pavement. Once you get here take a left and walk down the road into the back of the building. Once you get there look towards your right and you should see a downward sloping hill. Walk down this hill until you get to the small blue building. Stop at the spot where you quench your thirst. From here take 16 steps to your right or until you come to a metal fence from here take another 16 steps to the left and stop at the opening. Look around here along the ground and you ill find what you are looking for.