History Stone  LbNA # 45172

Placed DateDec 20 2008
LocationPenfield, PA
Planted ByWebelos Pack 2    
Found By Monarch Lady
Last Found Sep 11 2011
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History Stone

On this trail you can see an authentic reproduction of a logslide used in the 1870’s to transport logs from the forest. You may also see areas where stone was cut and used to build the dam in the 1930’s. Parker Dam State Park was built by the United States Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). You can acquire a map at the park office to guide you on your journey.

Gifford Pinchot served as Chief Forester of the U.S. Division of Forestry from 1898 to 1910 and later became Governor of Pennsylvania in 1922. In an attempt to solve employment problems, he set up work camps throughout the state. These work camps later became the models for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan to implement the CCC in an effort to restore the country’s natural resources and provide sustainable work during the Great Depression.

Led by the U.S. Army and directed by foresters and carpenters, workers of the CCC planted trees, fought forest fires, and constructed roads, bridges, dams, recreation areas and campgrounds. Pennsylvania had 194,500 citizens serve for the CCC before the outbreak of WWII, which caused the closing of the CCC on June 30, 1942. The CCC is remembered not only for the preservation of precious wilderness, but also for relieving despair among a generation of young men during economic devastation.

Your search will lead you to the site of the History Stone. This stone was left in memory of the hard work and dedication of the CCC. Take time to read about the history of the stone and imagine working alongside the young men as they hammered and chiseled each massive stone used to build the spillway. Next time when you are walking along the lake and you notice the stone walls, you will have a greater appreciation of the CCC and the integral part they played in making Parker Dam what it is today.

You will find this trail along what remains of an old log slide used by the wood hicks to move the lumber out of the forest. Your treasure lies near the history stone.

Locate a small bridge on the trail shortly after locating the wooden log slide. The history stone is near.

Locate the sign for the history stone and take time to learn its history.

Standing in front of the history stone, look to your left.

The letterbox is located in the roots of a fallen tree near the trail. The stamp you seek stands as a symbol of the hard work and dedication of the CCC.

Beware of the occasional snake and/or deer tick. Insect repellant is highly recommended during the summer months. It is also recommended to bring drinking water for the trip.

This letterbox location has been approved by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) until 7/11/11.