Surviving the Storm  LbNA # 45167

Placed DateDec 20 2008
LocationPenfield, PA
Planted ByWebelos Pack 2    
Found By 3 Little Indians
Last Found May 26 2012
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Surviving the Storm

Parker Dam State Park is 968 acres of scenic woodlands situated in the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Several years ago, a tornado blew a swath of destruction across Parker Dam State Park, destroying the towering forest of ash, oak, beech and sugar maple trees. The forest to the west of Mud Run Road has been left in a natural state. Note the large, bare tree trunks still standing in testimony to the power of the storm. This trail runs through this area. On the east side of Mud Run Road fallen trees from the tornado have been salvaged and removed.

You will find the trail near the Windstorm Natural Area sign on Mud Run Road. Locate the sign with the details about the tornado. Find the date the tornado swept through the park. This date will give you clues to find the letterbox.

First, add the four digits of the year together.
Second, add the two digits of the day together.
Finally, multiply the sum of the 2 totals to determine the number of paces you will need later to find the box.

Locate the trail marker across the road from the Windstorm sign for the trail and follow the beaten path, which will take you uphill through several twists & turns.

After passing under 2 tree arches, you will come to a trail marker for the Vista trail. Adventurous hikers may take a detour to catch the scenic view of the lake; but don’t stay long because there’s more adventure to come.

Continue traveling through the trail of the fallen giants to find one of the last giants left standing after the tornado devastated this area in just 2 minutes. Beware; you may encounter several muddy areas.

Arriving at the 2 bridges will lead you closer to your destination. Stand in the center of the 2nd bridge. Walk the number of paces you calculated from the first clue (dates) to a dirt mound. Take a compass reading of 200 degrees from the dirt mound.

Stop!!! Ahead of you in the path is the last of the giants to have fallen from the mighty storm. This 80' ash was still standing after the tornado until just recently. Unfortunately due to damage and decay from weather and insects, this mammoth tree has met it's fate.

The letterbox is located near the base of the tree under a shield of bark fallen from the aging relic. The stamp you seek has created a devastating mark on the land. Be brave, and open the box to find the secret hidden inside.

Use caution when exiting the trail, there are thorny bushes around a rocky area. Beware of the occasional snake and/or deer tick. Insect repellant is highly recommended during the summer months. It is also recommended to bring drinking water for the trip.

This letterbox location has been approved by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) until 7/11/11.