Plano Mutual Cemetery  LbNA # 45147

Placed DateJan 4 2009
LocationPlano, TX
Planted ByJoemunch    
Found By Basketcase1
Last Found Sep 14 2012
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A.R. Schell, Jr., founded A.R. Schell Insurance Agency in 1930. He served as Plano’s mayor for 16 consecutive years (1932-1948). He was a charter/founding member of a multi-city group that spearheaded the founding of the North Texas Municipal Water District and served on that board until his death in 1964. He was the first “Plano Citizen of the Year” Awardee. He married Irene Martha Schimelpfenig (daughter of Fred and LER Schimelpfenig, namesakes of Schimelpfenig Middle School and Schimelpfenig Library, respectively).

The box is located at the Plano Mutual Cemetery, where the bodies of Mr. Schell and his wife are buried. Go to 2128 18th Street, which is the Dickey Funeral Home just south of the cemetery. Enter the cemetery. You can either drive or walk. Continue north to the second gravel road. Turn left. The headstone for the Schell graves is located on the right. The box is located in the tree just beyond the headstone, where the many trunks diverge.