Arbor Hills  LbNA # 45129 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2009
LocationPlano, TX
Planted ByJoemunch    
Found By theprairiediamonds
Last Found Oct 31 2009
Hike Distance?

Go to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, 6701 W. Parker Road. Facing the preserve at the handicap parking spaces, turn right and follow the sidewalk going north. Take the trail into the woods down a hill. Stay left at the Y split. You will pass a man made stone retaining wall on your right. Take the next Y to the left and cross two bridges. Take the dirt path to the right at marker 20. Go past the "foot traffic only" sign. Continue on the path until about 30 yards from a black chain link fence at the boundary of the preserve. Take the dirt trail on the left up the hill. The trail winds around. Take the short dirt trail (12 steps) further up the hill at the place where three roots protrude from the ground. Turn right at the dirt trail at the top of the short dirt trail. Take 18 steps to the marker that says "outerloop trail marker 1.4 mi" on the back of the marker. The box is located at the base of the large tree on your left. The tree trunk forms a V, and the branch on at least the left of the V is dead and broken.