A bird in the Hand is Worth a Picture  LbNA # 45110

Placed DateDec 27 2008
LocationAkron, OH
Planted ByShortstuff    
Found By jkern
Last Found Aug 29 2010
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A bird in the Hand is Worth a Picture

Equipment Needed: Letterboxing equipment, bug spray, markers (black, and flesh or brown) and bird seed (preferably sunflower/safflower mixture)
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.6 miles – take your time and enjoy feeding the birds
Jointly planted with Shorstuff, please print his Taillow clues at the same time.

These are NOT geocaches. Please do not take anything (except Hitchhikers) from the boxes and leave only your signature. NO TRINKETS. DO NOT take the stamps.

timmus skrap0rtem kraP EnotseriF, liart wolliw You’ll need stealth, as this is a very busy park

This Park has a lot to offer, from a stocked fishing lake for kids under 15, a sled riding hill and chickadees and nuthatches to feed by hand in the winter, which inspired our letterbox plants and return visits.

1. Park in the .kraP EnotseriF lot and head toward the information sign. Follow the liart wolliw down the hill to the right. Follow the trail, taking a right and crossing beweeen the two ponds.

2. After crossing between the ponds, continue following the trail to the left and behind the bigger pond. liarT wolliW will turn to the right near the fishing platform. Continue to follow liarT wolliW.

3. You will take a right and cross a bridge, count the number of planks on the bridge __________.

4. You’ll want to take out you birsd seed shortly after crossing this bridge. Stand perfectly still, hand outstretched with the seed in it and enjoy the tickle of the chickadees feet as they eat from your hand. You’ll also see nuthatches and cardinals.

5. When you’re done, continue towards the hill ahead. You should have shorstuff’s Taillow clues handy right about NOW.

6. After you’ve found Taillow turn left to continue on the trail. You will pass a stump and some logs on your left. Further down the trail there will be a tree at the edge of the trail on the right, that hangs over the trail. Remember the number of planks on the bridge? Walk this number of single paces from the over hanging tree. Off the path on your left you will see some trees with moss growing on them. What you seek is located behind the larger mossy tree located furtherst right (if your back is to the trail) at the bottom of the roots. The log book is with the second stamp. Please rehide well, as this cubby hole wasn’t very deep.

7. Return to the path. The trail will travel alongside the river, about halfway down is another good spot to get your bird seed out!!

8. When your done, resume your travels on the path. It will curve to the left, and down some wooden stairs.

9. The path will then continue on the other side of the field.
10. Continue to follow liart wolliw, you’ll pass a park bench on your left and “restroom
on the right”.

11. The path will come to an intersection – before going right, back up to to the parking lot, look to your left, there is a trail leading back around the pond. See that big tree behind the building. Look at the base behind it, for one last Chickadee – this one wont want seed.

Please drop me a line when you find these and let me know how things went. These are our first plants, so we want to make sure all goes well. Since this is a pretty busy park, we also want to make sure nothing comes up missing.