Stoney Creek Park Trail  LbNA # 45025 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 27 2008
LocationGoldsboro, NC
Planted ByRoscoe    
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Park in the small, gravel parking lot of Stoney Creek Park on Ash Street.

Begin by standing beneath the Stoney Creek Park sign at the corner of Stoney Creek Lane and Ash Street. Face southeast toward the Creek. Walk southeast toward the Creek to the Magnolia tree on the creek bank. Walk south/southwest along the creek for 120 paces. Stand beneath the twin gum trees with the mammoth oak to your back. Walk 50 paces to the red fire hydrant. Turn southwest 230 paces to the yellow posts.

Begin down the trail. Find the River Birch on the left of the trail. Find the concrete cylinder with the green pipe protruding from the top. Find the Acer Rubrum and the Quercus Phellos. Once you've found them, march on to the Pinus Taeda. You'll see two conrete cylinders side by side. Stand between them and look left (northeast). Take a few steps and look at Stoney Creek. Note the conspicuous absence of stones. Return to the main trail and find the Quecus Nigra. Next, find a yellow arrow and follow it over the water. Hike down the trail, and just before you climb over the ridge to leave the park, look to your left. At the heart of five conjoined trees, you'll find the letterbox.

Congratulations! Stamp the notebook, leave your name and a message, and remember to conceal the letterbox when you leave!