Dragonfly2  LbNA # 44771 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 30 2008
LocationWestlake, OH
Planted Byladydragon    
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Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Time: Less than an hour

Go to Bradley Woods Park located on Bradley Road, South of Center Ridge Road in Westlake, Ohio. Park anywhere in the first parking lot. Go through the Picnic Shelter. 230 degrees there will be a trail. This trail dead ends into a trail, go left. Again the trail dead ends into a trail, turn right. The trail dips and in the distance there will be a tree hanging over the trail that you will step over. You will cross over a raised grassy trail. You will step over a group of downed trees. When the trail dead ends, turn right. You will come to a large debris pile. To the right you will see a path has been worn around it. Follow the path, when you are back on the trail, take eleven paces, look to the left and see a small path. You will pass through some brambles, there is a rusted, burned out car to the left. When you come out of the brambles, take six paces to the left, then go 100 degrees twenty three paces. There will be two large downed trees side by side. The box is in the end of the tree furthest from you.
Can anyone tell me what kind of car that was?