Happy 10th Anniversary  LbNA # 44733

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateNov 28 2008
Location???, IL
Found By ???
Last Found May 23 2009
Hike Distance?

This box marks the 10th anniversary of me proposing to my beloved.

10 years ago was a warm evening with a gusty breeze, I walked her to a nice spot along the river and asked her to become my wife.

I can't believe how fast the past 10 years have gone. Likewise, this box will not be out long, just until our 10 year wedding anniversary in April -- that's just about 5 months to grab this box!!

When I got there to hide it I realized I forgot to make a logbook, so forgive the weak attempt to jury-rig one.

If you've read the clues to all my boxes, one may have stood out in your mind. I mention that it is near the spot of that particular box that I proposed to Becki. For your search you must go back to that spot.

From that spot, make your way east. First chance you get cut back around the wall, under the tree, to rivers edge. There are white and gray rocks along the river. My box is hidden under the white rock with a small white rock balanced on top.

If the river comes up in the spring I will have to remove this box. Please get it while you can.