SK8TRBOI  LbNA # 44624

Placed DateNov 13 2008
LocationNorthborough, MA
Found By Betsy @ The Summit
Last Found Aug 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Directions: The box it located at the Ellsworth McAffee park and fields in Northborough. It is located right of Rt. 135 also known as South Street.

Difficulty: Very easy and a short walk. One hill at the end.

We have often traveled to this park to play the "opposing team" in soccer. Our son loves to bring his bike to the skate park, hence the name.

We borrowed this disclaimer from the Get Reved up letter box. Be sure to look for it as well while in the park. You are to a place where youth and families meet. Come weekends in Fall and in Spring, this is an especially crowded location. So, be on the “defense” of the non-letterboxing public. Traveling with a ball or a bike may “assist” in a good “fake”.

As you enter the Ellsworth McAffee park, go to the first parking lot by the skate park and walk counter clockwise around the paved track. AS you begin to go up the small incline, look for a place to pause and leave the track to enter the woods. Walk along the path in the woods past bot of the raised man whole covers on your right. As you come out of the woods and to another soccer field, spot the hill with the pine tress at the top. Climb to the top the hill (carefully as it is steep and not very solid) and take a good look at the beautiful water on the other side. Turn to your left and follw the path along the top of the hill to get to the bottom. You will see a large bolder on your left. Stay on the path and just past that bolder is a group of 3 rocks. SK8TRBOI is under the center flat rock. Stamp in and please hide carefully under the same rock. You can exit the woods through this area to head back to your car.