Cole's Woods Ski Trails  LbNA # 44524

Placed DateNov 7 2008
LocationRt 9, Glens Falls, NY
Planted ByUpYonda    
Found By dolphin family
Last Found Oct 18 2012
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Author: UpYonda
Location: Cole’s Woods Ski Trails
Route 9, behind the Glens Falls YMCA
Glens Falls, NY
Hike Length: about 2.0 miles


Cole’s Woods cross country ski trails are located behind the Glens Falls YMCA and are open to the public. There are many trails here, spanning several miles, some of which are lighted for night time use. When there is no snow on the ground, locals and visitors to the area not only hike and bike, but use their trails to jog and walk their dogs, etc. In a fairly developed area between the city of Glens Falls and the town of Queensbury, these trails get a lot of use and many people use them to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. The easiest way to access these trails is to park at the YMCA.
This box was placed by staff members of Up Yonda Farm, a small environmental education center in Bolton Landing, NY, during a program with school children from the Glens Falls City School District’s 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant. To learn more about Up Yonda Farm, feel free to visit our website at


Glens Falls YMCA Route 9, Glens Falls, NY


Cole’s Woods Letterbox

Standing on the front steps of the YMCA (Main Entrance) and facing the parking lot, look to your left and see a set of bleachers to your left. Sitting on the bleachers, you will see two baseball fields where a lot of the locals like to walk their dogs. Leave the bleachers and walk about 9 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) to your left, then turn right and follow the crushed stone path past two baseball dugouts. Turn left at the next trail intersection and walk about 101 paces. Here you have three trails to choose from. Take the trail on your right and walk across two bridges to the next trail intersection. You have three choices again, but this time, go left and continue past “Hill K” on your left until you reach yet another three way intersection with a #17 on a large pine tree to your left (about 205 paces from last intersection). Turn right here and go about 25 paces. Look to your right and you will see a large dead pine tree with no bark, branches or top. Behind this tree there are two dead logs laying perpendicular to one another (90 degree angle), one points straight away from the dead pine tree and the other points to your left. From the end of the second dead log, if you look slightly to your right, you should be able to see an old five foot stump. Standing next to this stump, the letterbox you seek is buried in a mossy log near your feet.

Once you have found the letterbox, stamped in and replaced it in the log, the easiest way to return to the YMCA is to retrace your steps to the last trail you were on. From here, instead of going back to the left, go right a few dozen paces and you will find another trail. A right at this intersection will get you on a trail that you can follow all the way back to the parking lot.

Unfortunately, there is not a great comprehensive map of all of the trails in this area, so if you stray from these directions, you may have to wonder around a little until you find your way out. As you hike, please remember to try and leave natural areas better than they were when you found them and carry all of your garbage out with you. Most of all, have fun!

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