Texas Motor Speedway: Winner's Circle  LbNA # 44476 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 9 2008
LocationJustin, TX
Planted ByOliver & Company    
Found By Penguin Patrol
Last Found Jan 13 2009
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Texas Motor Speedway: Winner's Circle

North of Fort Worth, South of Denton, East of Justin & Rhome, and West of Roanoke you will find the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS). Turn into the TMS from any road. Take a drive around the speedway and check out all the street signs. There is a road that turns off of Victory Circle closest to 35W on the north side of the track. This road is Harmonson Road. Go North on this road .2 miles. You will cross a bridge called Red's Crossing (this sign is visable from the other direction). Just past the bridge are two driveways. One on the left and one on the right. Make a U-turn here and park on the west side of Harmonson Rd. Walk up the street to the gaurdrail on the bridge heading towards the racetrack. Just under the gaurdrail where the railing meets the ground, you will find "Winner's Circle".
I took a stick to knock the brush back and dig a hole to hide this box.