Pasty Gamer  LbNA # 44431 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 7 2008
LocationBedford, TX
Found By Elwood Fan
Last Found Dec 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Pasty Gamer

This one was replaced. There is a new logbook and a new version of the stamp.

We are gamers, not just geocachers. From Wii to NES, this cache celebrates our gaming generation!

This letterbox is also a geocache.

You can view the geocache here: Pasty Gamer at Geocaching.Com and Pasty Gamer on Atlas Quest.

Located in the main parking lot of the office building behind Chicken Express & across from 7-Eleven, at Bedford-Euless Rd and Brown Trail.

This is an excellent park and grab. Please be stealthy during the day and watch out for kids if school has just let out.

We have also included a disposable camera for you to take your picture! Are you as pasty as we are? Please note which picture you took, when you log your find! We will be sure to post the images when it is full.