For the Birds (NJ)  LbNA # 44430

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateNov 7 2008
Location???, NJ
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Last Found Nov 26 2012
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Somewhere in Northern NJ there is a park named for a tribe of Indians which used to inhabit the entire state. Immediately to the north is a tiny hilltop cemetery with graves dating back dating back over three hundred years, bordered on three sides by modern civilization, and one side by this park. In this 450 acre haven can be glimpsed nearly 200 different species of birds over the course of a year. People used to come here to shoot pigeons, but that was stopped in 2005.

From the parking lot, head west on the elevated blacktop trail. You will see a pond come into view on your right. Circle clockwise around the pond until you come to the blue trailhead (three blue rectangles). Follow the blue trail, crossing two wooden plank bridges. A little further on, there’s a large V-tree close to the water's edge. There's a pair of twin trees about ten feet south of it. From the V-tree, go 25 steps (footfalls) at 135 degrees. You'll come to a large tree with hairy vines all over it. The box is in the hollow on its southern face, covered with sticks and leaves.

• Ink not included; bring your own. Blue is suggested.
• Watch for poison ivy and thorny plants during the summer months.
• This is a wetland, so the area can get rather swampy after it rains.
• Look out for birdwatchers that might be lurking in bushes nearby.
• Please rehide better than you found it.