Mythical Woods  LbNA # 44320 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2008
Location(Town) Exeter, RI
Planted Bycliff&meliss    
Found By cliff&meliss
Last Found Nov 1 2008
Hike Distance?

The following are directions to 5 different letterboxes. The first 4 are pieces to one larger picture, hidden by me in March of 2007, and all together they form a stamp asking my girlfriend to marry me. As fate would have it, we set out with some friends on April 1st to check out this new set of boxes at Beach Pond. I got her so good, and she said yes. She decided to make a 5th stamp in the series of her saying yes, to my delight, and we decided to make the series available to our fellow letterboxers. We made the hike again in Autumn of 2009 to make sure things were good with the series to find that box 2 had been found numerous times without any directions posted! We hid it again, but we love the comments left in the book. Good people kept that box safe, and we truly appreciate that kindness. Hopefully some unknowing hikers were turned on to letterboxing. The directions below to the first 4 boxes are the original I “found” and printed for my girlfriend back in 2007 with some small modifications. Directions to stamp 5 follow the original 4. We hope that you enjoy this hike as we have!
Please note: Box 2 is in an extremely muddy area, so wear appropriate footwear! Box 4 requires climbing up some mild rock formations, and the Pachaug Trail near box 5 does follow some ledges with drop-offs. Please use caution.

Mythical Woods

To park, drive like you would to Arcadia Management Area, but continue west on RI - 165 straight to Beach Pond State Park (this is past the main arcadia entrance). Use the parking area on the north side of the road. From the parking area, find and follow the trail to the north. This series follows the blue dash trail. Remember to each drop a small pebble from the parking area into your pockets.
Roughly 2.5 hrs. round trip, ending at box 5 and backtracking from there. To extend your hike, research Pachaug Trail- a great loop is available for those who are interested in all 8 miles. Bring a compass! Please hide the boxes well for the next explorers.

A magical forest has been found! Come see for yourself!
This mysterious forest is home to secret magical energies that have attracted creatures of fantasy and mythology! Although rarely seen, these beings closely guard the sacred forest, allowing only those with kind intention to walk its paths. Rewards await those worthy enough to connect with the magic of these woods!
Look at the trees and focus on the magic of the woods. Soon, if the trees like you, colors will glow on their trunks. Yellow and blue will show the way. Follow a ways, past the sprites hiding in the rhododendron. Be sure to introduce yourself, as they dislike strangers walking in their wood.
When the time comes, yellow will lead to disaster, while blue will lead you deeper into the magical realm. The dryads in the trees will direct you, but you will need your compass. They will whisper, “300, then 0.” Don’t forget to thank them for the directions.
Eventually the trail will switch from 280 to 0, in dryad talk. At this point, carefully head down to the water and find the first reward hidden under one of the giant rocks. Remember that this is one stamp of four to form one combined stamp. Be very careful to not anger the giant 6-headed serpent that guards the water’s edge. After giving thanks, return to the trail and head north.
You will soon come upon what is a giant fallen tree. This tree was knocked over by a rather large ogre when he let out an enormous belch. What did he eat, you ask? Never you mind, but remember to be very quiet while you grab the next reward, hidden in the roots of the fallen tree. Thank the tree, thank the ogre for not eating you, and continue on the trail. Quickly!
Cross over a stream where tiny dragon larva swim around eating whatever comes their way. It’s hard to believe that in just 4,000 short years they will be bigger than a bus! Don’t fall into the water, and you’ll be fine.
Higher you will go until you reach a scattering of sacred stones where the gnomes of the forest have their meetings. From the point of overlooking, close your eyes and listen for the dryads again. They will tell you, should you hear them, that a stone gnomish shelter at 40 holds yet another reward. To get this, you must distract the gnomes with a riddle first. Speak the riddle, wait for ten seconds, and if you have heard no response, you may collect the reward. Be sure to tell them the answer before you continue on the trail or they will follow you to the ends of the earth to know the answer!
Soon the magical trail will wind near to the water again. If you are lucky, you will see water faeries over the water in the distance. Drop your pebble into the water while whistling to let them know that you mean no harm.
Beware, for a troll lies ahead! Quietly sneak past the troll’s giant stone house near the stream where it catches frogs and unwary hikers for snacks. Continue through the elfin graveyard, where the graves are marked with piles of stone. One wish per traveler may be made to the ghosts that drift above these graves in the boughs of the trees, if magic allows.
Later, you will find a mailbox, engineered by the dwarves of the southern forest to communicate with the dwarves of the rocky northern forest. You can leave your mark to be remembered in dwarven history, then follow the trail as the dryads would have you, which is 300.
Cross another stream, then walk through the thick evergreens that line the trail, but make sure that nothing is stolen from your pockets! Imps live in these trees, and they love to steal things from unsuspecting travelers. You may see them looking at you from the branches. Stick your tongue out at them, and carry on.
You will eventually reach northern dwarf country, open and rocky. A giant tree powerfully holds up an enormous pile of rock to the right of the trail. In this rock, the dwarves have carved a shallow cave, tall enough for a four foot dwarf, which is rigged to fall if they wish it to. Stand in this cave and ask the dwarves for permission to travel 320. If the tree holds strong and you are not crushed by the rocks, then go 320 up high to the split stone where the last reward waits. Be careful! Return to the trail and follow it as it turns southward.
Carefully follow the trail along the edge of the cliff. Stop when the trail begins to slope downward, and listen one more time to the dryads, who whisper about the uphill direction of 240. An ancient stone lays there, originally a pointing hand long since crumbled from a statue depicting The Faery Princess meeting her Prince. Under this stone lies the final gift of the forest, the remembrance of wonderful times and a hope for great things to come.
When you are satisfied, retrace your steps back to the finish or continue on to explore some more. Don’t forget to take a little magic with you before you leave. We hope that you enjoyed this nice little walk as much as we always do.