Over the Mountain  LbNA # 44319

Placed DateNov 1 2008
Location???, CT
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is dedicated to one of CT's first and most prolific planters, Jay Drew. Jay and his family seeded CT in the earliest days of the nascent phenomenon that has become such an obsession with many of us. Thanks Jay, this 'box is for you.
This is a hunting area, please be familiar with the various hunting seasons.
Excerpted from the CT DEP website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2700&q=323420&depNav_GID=1633

Outdoor Safety Tips

* If you hike, ride, hunt or fish alone, let somebody know where you will be.
* Familiarize yourself with the area you will be using, and know the activities which occur there.
* Wear bright clothing (400 square inches of fluorescent orange for hunters) to increase your visibility.
* Avoid wearing gray, brown, tan or white when hiking in hunted areas.
* Consider using a bell on your bike or horse during the hunting season.
* If you see someone hunting, call out to them to identify your location.
* Peak hunting occurs in early morning and late afternoon, primarily during the months of October through December.
Letterbox Difficulty Rating (thanks to Silent Doug)
Difficulty Rating: 2.0 Terrain Rating: 3.0

A pace is two (2) steps

From Rte. 207 turn down .dR niatnuoM eht rednU. Travel approx. 4/10 miles and park along the road near the green bar-way gate on the right (don't block the bar-way).

Cross the gate and begin heading slightly uphill along an old road. At approx. 64 paces look for a small, unmarked deer trail rising steeply on the right.

Follow the deer trail a short distance, look for a cut log on the left and a small stump uphill on the right across from it. Turn right, uphill to continue following another faint deer trail North. Take the path of least resistance still climbing and heading roughly North, until you come to an exposed rock ledge on the left. You are ascending the mountain.

Follow along near the base of the exposed rock face on the left, while it slopes away down hill to the right. You are still ascending. When the way levels out continue Northerly on a terrace keeping the ledge at your left. To the right, it falls away steeply down to .dR niatnuoM eht rednU below.

The terrace will begin to slope downhill and will end where it drops sharply away on the right. You will know you have arrived: your way seems to end at a smaller ledge coming out of the larger ledge on the left, past this, down hill on the right, you will see a LARGE piece of the mountain has fallen away from the ledge and sits perched over looking .dR niatnuoM eht rednU far below.

(If you were to crest the ledge on the left near here, you would be at the top of the mountain. I saw a yellow house over the top on other side.)

Stand atop the smaller ledge barring your path, look ahead approx. 20 yards for a tree arching from the right onto the ledge to the left. Your prize awaits at the base of the smaller tree just on the other side of the arch.

Watch your footing, especially if it is very wet or snowy. If it is icy, I strongly recommend hunting this 'box on another day.
Please stamp in away from the hiding place, and carefully avoid making or at least try to conceal social trails to the letterbox--especially in mud or snow! Kindly double-bag the log, reseal the Lock-n-Lock type box, and re-hide the letterbox exactly where it was placed, covering it well and contact the placer if you find any problems.

Thank you, Connfederate