The Path of Friendship  LbNA # 44185

Placed DateOct 10 2008
CountyEl Dorado
LocationPlacerville, CA
Planted ByBest Friends 4-Ever    
Found By Plazmo
Last Found Dec 6 2014
Hike Distance?

Starting point:

From Highway 50 in Placerville, take Schnell School exit. Go north to the immediate overpass and park on the side of the road. Start up the hill marked by a horse.


- Follow the path towards the bench, away from the bridge.
- Proceed through the “Not So Grand Canyon” that is parallel to the sounds of a modern day river.
- Stay on the paved path, and follow the flow of traffic towards the mountains until you find a 90th birthday memorial.
- “Happy 90th Angelo” and on you go to the three…Walter, Bill, and Chuck…
- Continue on to “X” marks the spot.
- From “X” marks the spot, go 33 paces and take the high road to the left.
- Three paces past the fallen “L” poured long ago.
- Look between the tree with a “V” and the one that stands alone.
- Your treasure awaits…