Gone Batty in the Desert  LbNA # 44098 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 16 2008
CountySan Diego
LocationBorrego Springs, CA
Planted ByAcorn Flats    
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Hike Distance?

Location: Agua Caliente Hot Springs County Park Campground
Distance: approx. 1/4 mile or less one way
Difficulty: Easy to find, a short but steep climb at the end. Good for beginners, as long as they can do a little climbing.
Wear secure shoes.

If you are enjoying this fun campground experience, you have no doubt either bicycled or walked around and found the area reserved for large groups. It is at the east end of the park.
Go to that area and head to the south/west side, where you can see that water flows after a sudden heavy rain. Rain is unusual in this very dry, desert area of San Diego County, but there are flash floods a few times a year. Keep that in mind, as you will not be able to get to the box if water is flowing.

Follow the now dry path to the south, away from the group camp area, and between hills on either side. You will come to one fork in the road; go left. You will be gradually gaining elevation. As you come to the face of a granite hill, head for the low notch in the center. This is the only steep part, but there is not much loose rock, there is good footing, and it is short.

Just after you cross over the notch,and the ground flattens out, move to your right and look for a large crevice in the rock face and you will find the letterbox with small stones piled on top of it. Be sure to replace the stones after you have signed in and returned everything to the box, so the box has a better chance of staying in place after a rain.

As of June 2009, this letterbox has gone missing. Don't know whether to think the rangers may have removed it or not. Sorry