Steven Averill Avery, Jr Provincial Militia  LbNA # 44085

Placed DateOct 18 2008
Location???, CT
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Cut and paste the following:




If you are successful in finding the site, please pay your respects, then:

Facing the headstone from the foot of the burial mound, sight 264º. Go 12 paces to a belly-high stump. Your prize sits behind the SPOS under the black birch log one (1) pace behind the stump.
Compass bearing is magnetic and a pace equals two (2) steps.

Please stamp in away from the hiding place, and carefully avoid making or at least try to conceal social trails to the letterbox--especially in mud or snow! Kindly reseal the Lock-n-Lock type box, and re-hide the letterbox exactly where it was placed, covering it well and contact the placer if you find any problems.

Thank you, Connfederate