LDS Letterbox  LbNA # 44029

Placed DateOct 11 2008
CountyRichmond city
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted ByVirgin "B's"    
Found By Martin family five
Last Found Feb 16 2009
Hike Distance?

The search for this box begins at the entrance to Pumphouse Park by the Nickel Bridge in Richmond. This is our first box placement, so please forgive us if we need more info.

-Enter Pumphouse Park through the gate and proceed across the bridge directly in front of you.

-Descend the wooden staircase...but do not cross the second bridge.

-Turn left and walk along the canal until you are even with the pumphouse itself.

-Turn to face directly behind you and notice a little pathway around the back of the Pumphouse.

-Follow it around and you will see there aren't many places for the box to hide!!