Abandoned on the Moon  LbNA # 4388

Placed DateJun 12 2003
Location???, ID
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 14 2014
Hike Distance?

Updated Aug. 4, 2005

ATTENTION This box series has been removed to a nearby location and the stamps have been put together in one box. I hope you will still take the time to follow Clementine to the cool place. It is amazing and definitly worth the time and effort. (A-Bear was the only person to find the original series.)

Trail difficulty: First two boxes are easy. Third box requires scrambling over rock piles. Flashlight not required, but VERY helpful.

Story: Clementine was riding the bus to Grandma's house on Mars, but got off on the wrong stop. She knew her dad would come get her if she called him, so she went to E.T.'s phone at THE TREES and called for help.

BOX 1: Clementine's dad, Alien Ernie, followed the coordinateds of the call to the area of E.T. phones. He landed on the runway trail. He parked his ship at the tree 13 steps back from the end of the blacktop runway. Hidden carefully under the lava rocks at the base of the tree.

BOX 2: When he arrived he found a note from Clementine. She said it was to hot to wait for him in the sun, so she was going to find someplace cool. She was afraid of the dark though, so avoided the cold dark places and went to the cool area with the sky lights. Ernie went to the cool, light spot and hiked down the stairs. He continued carefully through the dark area. By now he was getting tired so he stopped to rest under a large rock in the middle of an open area. He noted that from his rock the stairs were at 330 degrees. (A flashlight would be very helpful to find Ernie.)

BOX 3: From here he could hear Clementine calling for him, but could not see farther ahead. He scrambled carefully over the rock pile and continued toward the little light at the end. He took a seat on the left side of the lava bridge and looked toward the end of the room. There he found Clementine right behind him on the left. Tucked under a ledge, hidden behind loose stones.

FINAL CLUE: Returning to the highway turn Left. Just past 229 turn left into the pull off area. At the far edge looking toward the visitor center find the old dead tree. Tucked under the back side of the root end hides Ernie and Clementine under wood pieces.