Mottville Bridge II  LbNA # 43791

Placed DateOct 4 2008
CountySt. Joseph
LocationMottville, MI
Found By Dancing Dolphins
Last Found Jul 15 2015
Hike Distance?

09/16/12. Reported as missing and since there were several people fishing and I didn't want to stroll thru the underbrush today anyway(!)...Replaced box with new clues at the end. Old clues remain in case you'd like to look, consider it a Bonus Box!! :)

Originally placed by Pawca. Original directions with a few new clues. Easy find, staircase + fairly easy footpath trail, 10-15 mins.

"This box is near Michigan Historical site #576. See the site below for information on the site.

The site is at the intersection of Rte 12 and M103 in Mottville. There is a parking lot just west of the intersection on Rte 12. (Brown Park sign - TAILWATER FISHING ACCESS - points the way) Go there and park. After reading the sign, head down to view the river."

When this box was first attempted by Momcat & Sundawg, we found lots of unusual vegetation just left of the concrete. Check it out.

Take the trail, very soon it brings you close to the river and veers back into the wood. Keep following the trail 'til you come to quite a dip, looks like it may be a (slight) tributary to the river. 15 paces further (remember count one foot or the other for a pace) On the left is a 3' tall stump with probably the rest of the tree laying right behind it. Find a letterboxer's treasure behind that log, even with the stump. As this is a replacement, apparently, somebody else's trash...suggest stamping at the picnic table up top, be discreet and rehide well...

NEW CLUES - 09/16/12 - After reading the Historical Marker sign, stroll across the Historical Bridge. You can look out on either side for a lovely view and maybe see some fishermen - today they were barefoot wading! After crossing, on the right see the rail guarding you from stepping onto the Highway. (US-12). Look in the endpiece closest to the intersection to find what letterboxers and others seek!

p.s. If you're ready for a break, a beverage or a meal, to the left you'll see Jaywalkers. A nice little place. Inside/Outside seating with views of the river, lots of tvs-all tuned to sports- family dining + adult beverages. REALLY GOOD FOOD! :)