Kensington "Mr. Potato Head"  LbNA # 43673

OwnerMouse troop    
Placed DateAug 24 2008
LocationKensington Park, Milford, MI
Found By KaTyKayTay
Last Found Aug 21 2015
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Kensington "Mr. Potato Head"

Kensington Mr. Potato Head (5)Hand Carved/Walk/yesPets/yesCompass

Last Modified: June 20, 2011

$5 for a day pass or $25 for the season.

Kensington Metro Park near the west entrance, pass the nature center watch for the wood signs to find Spring Hill Picnic Area & Shelter. This is a great place to bring a pet or family for a picnic. If the shelter is being used, you may have to come back a different time/day.

Bring bug spray in the spring & summer. I planted this potato in Sept.2008 with not a bug or bee in sight. There is a nature trail but I don't know where it leads. Also are some good swings for big kids (not babies) & some sand for digging in if you bring some toys. We planted this so that the kids could have fun & play.

If you find a H.H. = hitch hiker, bring it, lots of room in these boxes... this is something you plant in the next box you find the next time you are out. I have tracked a H.H. from Texas. So cool.

The potato head is 6 inches & more with hair so bring a large enough paper to create it.

Clue #1.
Stand in the Shelter in the center on the cement X. Look pass the swings for an opening in the woods. This is the path to where we hid the body/head.
Pass the little stream, stay to your left. See sign B, don’t ski, take 7 steps, see a 2 trunk tree & the curly thick vine? = look behind.
After you get stamped in (this is the only log book) go Back to the Shelter Center for the X marks the start spot.

Clue #2.
Sight you seek from the cement X. Go 212 degrees to the tall tall timber at the edge of the woods. Step behind her and see the twins. Stand between them & see the great BIG Oak on your right? check those roots for you will see. Hide it better than you find it. Thank you.

Clue #3.
Go snooping around back to the center X. 145 degrees to trees. Find just with in reach at the base of a tall thin tree. Watch out for pickers.

Clue #4.
You must be smiling all the way back to your center X. Go 60 degrees, 10 paces to the close by thick tree trunk.
Stand facing the woods "North" & go 20 degrees across the field. At the base of a tree to big to reach your arms around had the box at the bottom. This one must be covered well to stay out of site.

Clue #5.
Now we couldn’t let you leave pulling your hair out. Go not to the center X but back towards the parking lot down the paved path.
A huge tree V is your start. 24 paces to the grill & 17 more to the small V in the woods now your potato is complete.

Please make sure these boxes are snapped shut tight & always clean up after pets/kids/grown ups/chipmunks/etc...
I hope this was fun for all, please let me know how your search went. I could always use advice on how to make it better. Mouse Troop.

lots of pickers eeek