Ayanchin Resort / Lodge  LbNA # 43624

Placed DateSep 24 2008
CountyOther International
LocationUlaanbaatar, INT
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Ayanchin Resort / Lodge

Ayanchin is a beautiful American-owned resort about an hour's drive from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city. It is located in Terelj. You can either stay inside the lodge, which is beautiful, or in one of the many gers. The facilities are top notch! It is also a good location for a day trip, as they have a full-service restaurant and the hiking is lovely. They welcome day visitors, and we often go out in the winter for a day of sledding.

Walk towards the hills behind the resort past the basketball court and past the very last felt ger (yurt) and STOP. Walk toward the two ten-foot square concrete posts and stand between them facing south compass reading 220* and STOP. Walk forward staying south 220* until you reach the first green pine tree STOP. Look to your left and walk toward the two huge 8-foot long rocks. Once by the rocks STOP. Standing between these two rocks, face toward the pine trees you came from. Take eleven steps toward the pine trees and STOP. Look on the ground and you will see two stones about 2 ft x 2 ft, one pinkish granite the other blackish slate. Lift and turn them over underneath is your box. Enjoy!