The Lost Giraffe  LbNA # 43615

Placed DateSep 25 2008
LocationJohnston, RI
Planted ByThe Maka Tribe    
Found By Jill's Paradise
Last Found Oct 15 2008
Hike Distance?

The Lost Giraffe

Find the street in Johnston, RI on the border of Smithfield, RI that is a color. Hint: It's not black but...

There is a metal gated opening with worn signs on it. There are a few places to park wtih some wood on rocks as markers. There is also a Yellow - No Hunting Sign and a mailbox on a tree with red letters that say "maps" on it.

Walk up the path towards the mailbox, at the top of the path take a right on the wide path and your next left on antoher small path that goes up a slight hill. A cluster of rocks is on your left.

Step over the dead tree that lays across the path, turn right and look for the tree that sits across from the rocky cliffs edge (not steep but pretty), This tree has a door on one side where you may find the lost giraffe.