The Dutch Treat Series  LbNA # 43458

Placed DateSep 17 2008
LocationWaukesha, WI
Planted Bythe 2 tulips    
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Sep 17 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Hilly and uneven

Length of walk: Just short of 2 miles

Please carry a compass and colored markers for this series.

As visitors to the United States, we were introduced to the wonderful hobby of letterboxing. We decided not only to carve special Dutch stamps for you, but to leave our signature stamp as well, as there are not many boxes for us to find in the Netherlands. (Perhaps you should visit and place boxes throughout our country)!

Start searching for your treats at Minooka Park in Waukesha. The park entrance is located at 1927 E. Sunset Drive. Pay the park fee and park in the lot just right of the entrance.

Locate the park map near the parking lot so you can study ‘the yellow line’. That is the path you will be on the most. You’re going to take a different little leg to get to it, so locate the bathrooms behind the sign. The path starts left of the women’s bathroom.
As you walk down this path, it will get wider. You will come upon a direction post with all the colors on it. Stay right until you come to the second post of all colors. From the post, take approximately 27 paces, stop, and get a compass reading of 10 degrees. Take approximately 30 paces to the one grand one that is down. The first treat of Holland will be found.

Return to the path you left and continue down the trail. You will come upon the ‘marks’ of the traditional color of tulips in the Netherlands. Go forward 13 paces until you locate a group of small rocks on your left. Peer into the woods and find another grand one that is leaning. She holds a gift—a sturdy pair, a Dutch symbol for you to wear.

Continue down the yellow trail until you come to a ‘Y’. Choose the yellow trail. You will enjoy a nice hiking stretch before you must start downhill. Before you reach the bottom of the hill, there will be a large Maple tree. Before the tree, you will see a path of ‘grave stones’ on your right. The last stone holds the prize—a golden gift that’s sure to please, because it rhymes with Wisconsin_______.

Return to the main path and continue on until the path becomes a ‘Y’. Follow the path with the white marker. There will be a fence on your left. Cross an open space and go to the left. It will be the blue path. Again, the fence should be on the left. Enjoy the quiet of the forest until you come to a map on the left. Turn right. This will be the blue trail. (You will see the Waukesha water tower on your left as you walk). As you come up a hill, you will see a large rock on your right. Opposite of this rock, sits it’s twin—the protector of the other twins. This is our last box, our treat to you, the best of Holland, if only two. First finders will get a Dutch treat.

After hiding the last box well, as you did all others, follow the blue trail back to the parking lot.

As we won’t be able to check our boxes after returning to the Netherlands, please contact our box sitter, 2manyhobbies, if the boxes need repair or replacement.