Land of Wheat  LbNA # 43396 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 13 2008
LocationWheatland, CA
Planted Byagogugig    
Found By Trimfam
Last Found May 3 2009
Hike Distance?

Land of Wheat Letterboxes

You can reach Wheatland on Highway 65. Start out on Main Street.

Box # 1

Park at the Market
Find the mural with farm animals across the street. Turn right and head down this street.
Pass a liberty bell to your left
A little further on, you will be flanked by a church on each side.
Keep going, you'll pass a little red school house. Continue walking until the sidewalk ends. Read the monument. The fence comes to a V. Go around the V. Count the # of bushes as the date listed in May. Here you'll find your first letter box!

Box # 2
Continue down the street you are now on. You should pass a mailbox with a matching house on your right. Soon you will come to a fork in the road. Keep left, and take note of the street name. Take the first right. Then an immediate left. (You'd better be on foot, or you'll be going the wrong way.) Keep right at the fork, then turn right when you get to the next street.
End at the playground/little league field.
Head to the far corner of the park, past left field. Walk between a one-way sign and a lamppost. Walk straight towards the ivy covered trees. Search the base of the second tree to your left.

Box # 3
A short distance past the trees you will find a small trail that leads out of the park and to the railroad tracks. Take this trail. Follow the tracks left. After crossing 3 streets, start counting the wooden planks. On plank #80, make a 90 degree turn left. End at a circle of bricks. Search this circle for the largest gap in the bricks. Remember the name of that street? Count _ bricks counterclockwise from the gap. Congratulations, under this brick is your last letterbox!