Fitness Trail Fun - Eastern Slope Inn Fitness Trai  LbNA # 42965

OwnerThe boxers    
Placed DateAug 21 2008
Locationnorth conway, NH
Found By WDZ4EVA
Last Found Jul 12 2011
Hike Distance?

From the main street: Walk through the parking lot on the south side of the Eastern Slopes Inn past the shops and toward the train yard and bear to your right behind the Innís Carriage House building and down through the tunnel under the tracks. Cross the parking lot for the Whittaker Suites and find the sign for the entrance to the Innís Apple Orchard Trail into the woods. Follow the signs for the fitness trail and be sure to stop and try all the fitness challenges. At fitness station #5, the Body Tuck, look under the lowest platform at the foot of the platform for the box. There are a few branches hiding the box under the platform. This is our first box and we are so excited. Enjoy...don't forget to finish the fitness trail!